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Jochen Rollwagen joro-2013 at t-online.de
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I found it.

void radeon_vram_location in radeon_device.c says

  * Note: GTT start, end, size should be initialized before calling this
  * function on AGP platform.
  * Note: We don't explicitly enforce VRAM start to be aligned on VRAM size,
  * this shouldn't be a problem as we are using the PCI aperture as a 
  * Otherwise this would be needed for rv280, all r3xx, and all r4xx, but
  * not IGP.

so does this mean i just have to re-apply the old patch i found ? struct 
radeon_mc in radeon.h contains aper_base as a member which could be set 
using the code snippet below.



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I've done some more researching and found the following:

- There's another follow-on-patch ("Extend the alignement workaround to 
post-rv280 chips as well") to the one indicated below 
that applies to not only RV280 but "rv280, all r3xx, and all r4xx, but 
not IGP" (even stranger that its being lost hasn't been recognized).

- the piece of code affected seems to be (IMHO) in 
drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/: The (Radeon ?) Register 
RADEON_CONFIG_APER_0_BASE is defined in radeon_reg.h but never used in 
the driver:

radeon_reg.h:#define RADEON_CONFIG_APER_0_BASE           0x0100

Since i don't assume that Radeon hardware has changed too much since 
2006 i also assume that this register definition is still valid i.e. the 
register still exists on those cards :-). So why is it never 
used/set/read in the kernel driver ? The same applies to the 
xf86-video-ati driver, the register is defined but never used/set/read. 
Strange. But maybe the driver can do without setting or reading 
registers ? :-)

in r100.c there's

static u32 r100_get_accessible_vram(struct radeon_device *rdev)
     u32 aper_size;
     u8 byte;

     aper_size = RREG32(RADEON_CONFIG_APER_SIZE);

     /* Set HDP_APER_CNTL only on cards that are known not to be broken,
      * that is has the 2nd generation multifunction PCI interface
     if (rdev->family == CHIP_RV280 ||
         rdev->family >= CHIP_RV350) {
         DRM_INFO("Generation 2 PCI interface, using max accessible 
         return aper_size * 2;

That's the code executed on my machine according to dmesg. Missing (from 
the original patch, not applicable any more because of driver 
reorganization) seems to be

aper0_base &= ~(mem_size - 1);
info->mc_fb_location = (aper0_base >> 16);

The patch that seems to have removed/overridden this code is:


According to that patch, it was "booted on PCI r100, PCIE rv370, IGP 
rs400". So IMHO this could be a classical regression for an AGP RV280 
card (like mine) and might explain why PCI mode works. this is 
Additionally corroborated by this post 

/"Roland Scheidegger wrote: > I've tried the patch with my radeon 
9000pro, and it does not work there > neither. Issues are pretty 
similar, moving (3d) windows around leaves > artifacts (and eventually 
even a gpu lockup), xawtv overlay still > doesn't work, but on this 
setup I got the mouse pointer back at least. I got the patch to work 
when disabling this: //
//* The above doesn't necessarily work. For example, I've seen machines 
* with 128Mb configured as 2x64Mb apertures. I'm now _//_always_//_ 
RADEON_HDP_APER_CNTL, ~RADEON_HDP_APER_CNTL); (which was previously done 
only on some chip families).

*_I __*/*_/think/_**_/_ this is not correct on all cards as the 
apertures may not be configured correctly (and X doesn't set them up 
neither, if those correspond to the RADEON_CONFIG_APER registers)/_**_/"/_*

Could a Radeon guru confirm this or am i totally lost?

by the way, Haiku OS seems to have the patch :-) :

// graphics card addresses correspond to physical CPU addresses as much as possible
static void Radeon_SetupMCAddresses_Direct( device_info *di )
	shared_info *si = di->si;
	uint32 aper0 = INREG( di->regs, RADEON_CONFIG_APER_0_BASE );
	// bug in asics mean memory must be aligned to memory size...
	if ( IS_DI_R300_VARIANT || di->asic == rt_rv280 ) {
		aper0 &= ~( di->local_mem_size - 1 );


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Betreff: 	Fwd: Re: regression on RV280 card freeze, patch not applicable 
any more
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Von: 	Jochen Rollwagen <joro-2013 at t-online.de>
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sorry about that.

Anyway, i checked drivers/gpu/drm/radeon and
drivers/char/agp/uninorth-agp.c and can't seem to find the patch
indicated below. Might it have gone missing :-) ?

Am 08.10.2013 18:41, schrieb Michel Dänzer:
> [ Please always follow up to the mailing list ]
> On Die, 2013-10-08 at 14:53 +0200, Jochen Rollwagen wrote:
>> Am 08.10.2013 10:03, schrieb Michel Dänzer:
>>> On Sam, 2013-10-05 at 15:13 +0200, Jochen Rollwagen wrote:
>>>> I’m running a RV280 based Radeon 9200 card (I know, an ancient card)
>>>> in a Mac Mini G4 (powerpc-architecture) with Ubuntu Precise and the
>>>> latest 3.4.64-kernel/ati driver and get lockups when trying to run the
>>>> card in AGP mode (KMS enabled). The lockups happen when resetting the
>>>> card (that’s what I can infer from the oops-screen).
>>> It's the other way around: The kernel radeon driver resets the card to
>>> try and get it running again after a lockup.
>>>> PCI mode works. After researching I found a old bug that was fixed
>>>> back in 2006 (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6011) that
>>>> looks like the freeze I experience (since PCI mode – which allocates
>>>> 64 MB of memory - works and AGP mode which by default allocates 256 MB
>>>> doesn’t). The card has 64 mb memory.
>>>> So the first question is, could this be the problem that causes the
>>>> lockups ?
>>> Not really. The GART and VRAM memory apertures aren't directly related,
>>> and the fix for the bug above should still be incorporated in the
>>> current radeon KMS code.
>>> Does radeon.agpmode=1 or radeon.agpmode=4 work?
>> Thank you for your reply. First, none of the agpmodes work, they just
>> take more or less time to lockup the card (1 - slowest, 4 fastest).
>> Secondly, if you write that the fix "should be incorporated in the
>> current code", i'm somewhat lost because it definitely isn't there.
> It's in the kernel now.
Well........no. I checked the 3.4.64 kernel sources after my last Mail
and the code isn't in the drivers/gpu/drm/radeon sources. But of course
i might have overlooked something.

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