regression on RV280 card freeze, patch not applicable any more

Jochen Rollwagen joro-2013 at
Sat Oct 5 06:13:40 PDT 2013

Hello there,
I'm running a RV280 based Radeon 9200 card (I know, an ancient card) in 
a Mac Mini G4 (powerpc-architecture) with Ubuntu Precise and the latest 
3.4.64-kernel/ati driver and get lockups when trying to run the card in 
AGP mode (KMS enabled). The lockups happen when resetting the card 
(that's what I can infer from the oops-screen). PCI mode works. After 
researching I found a old bug that was fixed back in 2006 
(_ that looks like 
the freeze I experience (since PCI mode -- which allocates 64 MB of 
memory - works and AGP mode which by default allocates 256 MB doesn't). 
The card has 64 mb memory.
So the first question is, could this be the problem that causes the 
lockups ?
Secondly, the patch that fixed the bug (which is simple enough -- it 
just aligns the aperture to the aperture size due to an RV280 errata) 
cannot be applied any more because the driver code obviously has been 
completely re-organized. Could somebody point me to where the code of 
the patch might be inserted into the current driver code ? At the moment 
it's missing from the code.
Thank you for your patience
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