[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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--- Comment #69 from Brian <aeon.descriptor at gmail.com> ---
> > If you're reading this bug and have this issue, it's been open for
> > nearly three years, and isn't likely to be fixed, as far as I can tell.
> > If 3d acceleration is important to you, it's almost definitely worth it
> > to get some hardware that is better supported.  I went with Intel
> > graphics -- there's a lot less likelihood that support will be dropped
> > for that, since Intel's more helpful than ATI regarding open-source
> > drivers for their graphics hardware.
> Well, Brian, its true regarding older hardware, lets not be blind about all the
> post x1*** - 6*** cards, they are actually okay.

Regardless, the RS690M was listed as supported, I bought hardware that I
thought would be supported for that specific reason, and then that
changed, and that leaves me with no experience or reason to recommend
ATI or the radeon driver at this point, and plenty of reason to
recommend against it.  ..the stuff that is new now becomes old
later.  ..why should I think that my experience with any other ATI card
should be different?  ..at least on the Intel side, there's the blessing
(and support) of the chip maker.

> Also, "3D is important" is a bit exaggerated, because 3D pipeline and
> *everything* except this bug work really fine.

No disagreement there.  I've got an Intel graphics card that works
superbly, and there are others out there with nVidia and ATI cards that
run great, too.  What I was said was saying was (indented, so that the
if statements and their subjective clauses are more apparent):

* If you're reading this and have this issue
 * This issue has been open for nearly three years
 * It isn't likely to be fixed, from what I can tell
 * If 3d is important to you
  * It is almost definitely worth it to get some hardware that is better

..I stand by that statement.

>  There are many factors in play
> on modern desktop for it to "just work", but this only one bug really damages
> it.

*nod* and a lot of them work fine, and this one doesn't.  ..a perfectly
functional car with a broken drive shaft that no one knows how to fix is
still valuable -- it's just not valuable to someone who wants to drive a
car, unless that person knows how to fix it, or can sell that car, and
get another car which many people know how to fix, and which appears
less likely to break.

..I'm not looking at this and thinking "That's bad work they've done",
I'm looking at it and saying "No one has had the time, know-how,  and
the access to the hardware to fix this, so if you are waiting for it to
get done, my opinion is that you're better off buying more compatible
hardware in this particular case."

..then again, all it takes is someone who does have the time, know-how,
and hardware to fix this, and who wishes to donate their work.  ..if
someone does do that -- thank you.  ..that specifically won't benefit me
at this point, but thank you just on the general principle of it, and
for the people that it will benefit.  ..and thank you to everyone else
who has contributed to Linux, X, and all the layers in between and on
top -- it's phenomenal work that provides a genuine alternative to the
proprietary operating systems that are out there.

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