[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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> > ..agreed, this really shouldn't be marked as a supported card since it's
> > not actually functional.
> It works just fine a quite a few RS690 boards.

Hello Mr Deucher, could you please be a bit more specific which mobile xpress
x1250 are not affected? Right now I have R60 and R20, both of which show same

Can you please suggest any patch to clear the texture memory when asked prior
to submitting it for writing (within the OpenGL-specific context)?

Right now, the more one works, the more triangle surface is flawless. 

Only freshly booted or freshly hibernated under go it and as time passes these
surfaces are eventually clear, except for those that never get a chance of
rewrite, like fonts textures in gnome-shell.

Also, switching TTYs is still an issue as system can simply become unable to
switch back to Xorg TTY, with screen constantly flashing/pulsating in black.
But this is not a huge blocker.

Thank you!

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