[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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I have observed the case a bit more.
When machine is coming out of hibernation - the opensuse boot screen
experiences corruption: 1/4 of the screen is drawn correct - the rest contains
garbage. The pattern is pretty same - the screen is cut by four triangles with
basements along the sides.

Important thing I noticed - the screen recovers itself after some time.
Although font damage in gnome-shell is permanent, refreshing parts of the
screen with some content has some chance to make it work as it should. THEN it
stays correct.

I suspect that initial four triangle show right after login, is gnome 3 trying
to blend-in, by applying a four-triangle surface filled with black and then
increasing the alpha. The moment alpha is all way up, gnome removes them. With
this bug - it looks like triangle flash which then suddenly correct.

To sum up,
I am totally sure this is about texture memory transfer within OpenGL context,
I am nearly sure it happens because the texture memory IS NOT CLEARED when its
asked or the content is overwritten when stored, or the memory is not protected
from being overwritten by garbage. However, the system is fully stable even
when I used it with 1GiB constantly swapping.

Please, help.

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