[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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--- Comment #61 from lct at mail.ru ---
I have installed 2 GiB of SODIMM DDR2 today, replacing the old 1 GiB module.
At OpenSuse Tumbleweed (13.1; knel 3.11/Mesa 9.2) at login screen AFTER Xorg
has started I have hexagon (8x8) colored squares, each of them made of two
Each time I move mouse or type something, the triangles in approximate area
change colors.

After login, the screen is back to normal, sans gnome-shell specific font
corruption and some extra (below).

This defects are not present with 1GiB.

Also, the Gnome3 gnome-shell border right now has "flightmode" symbol, which is
completely white square and sound icon that is divided in four pieces.

I suggest this is strictly bug of Xorg driver, this is strictly bug within Mesa
texture transfer, the content of those triangles is NOT copied right, this bug
does NOT appear outside of Xorg or outside of OpenGL (Grub2 boots perfectly
with zero errors via VESA) this bug's effects repeat themselves unless memory
configuration change. With different memory config other sorts pop up, but
previous stay. This is not bug due to insufficient memory. This bug does not
change if different memory window is set in BIOS (I have 128 or 256, I have NO
sideport or similar).

Please help me fix the bug! I am no programmer or developer, but give me some
tools to run on the machine or I can give you VNC/root at any time + paypal tip
and a thank you.

Please do not be ignorant!! :(((((

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