[Bug 33183] mouse cursor turns into thin vertical dashed line

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Sat Nov 16 08:11:11 PST 2013


--- Comment #43 from Roman Šmakal <schmakerisko at gmail.com> ---
Lot of people experienced this bug while playing heroes of newerth. OS does not
matter as it happens even in Windows (check google for that).

Its known issue since 2003 and it did NOT get fixed since that, so ... 10 years
old bug. Maybe hardware design issue? I was playing on Catalyst and r600g, both
seems to suffer from this bug. Vertical dashed line isnt only corruption that
happens - mouse cursor gets bugged even horizontally and/or both, creating some
type of matrix.

To me it happens mostly when cursor is changed (in HoN it happens AFTER
scrolling map using screen sides), but time after time it happens even on magic
areas on desktop.

Quite annoying bug, but im not sure if opensource devs can fix it when even AMD
has this issue for ages.

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