[Bug 60389] AMD a6-5400K Black Edition with igx 7540D artifacts

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> Hello,
> The same problem with the same APU A6 5400k on ArchLinux + Gnome 3.
> Artifacts at the begining. Late (one or two minutes after) the fonts goes to
> blocks.

Hi there!
There is only one dirty workaround we have found.
You can see speciefic vendor codes on every chip. The second string is the most
important for our needs.
On "good_apu" (see attachments) first symbols are "GA...", and "GB..." on the
"bad_apu". These probably means country or region where this concrete unit was
produced. GA is for Malaysia or Taiwan, GB is for China. I dont know how units
have so much differences, but they are. I have tested more than 20 units of
both kinds, and 90% of GB usually gives me bad pictures and artifacts. 100% of
GA works great.

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