[Bug 57774] Graphic corruption on resume from hibernation

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--- Comment #6 from Laurent Almeras <lalmeras at gmail.com> ---
I still experiment the issue with 3.10.0 kernel
(3.10.0-0.rc0.git16.2.fc20.x86_64). I try with and without quirk-radeon-off.

Graphic corruption is exactly the same. As before, once computer is back on and
screen completly corrupted, if I enter then leave suspend to ram mode, graphic
corruption disappears.

If it helps, at the moment computer woke up from suspend to ram, screen is
completly corrupted except the terminal where i launch my pm-hibernate command.
Then gnome 3 lock screen appears (correctly) and when I unlock all the display
is correct.

Since my first report (with kernel 3.6.7) I test the issue each time kernel is
updated and it never works. I also try ubuntu to check if it would be
distro-specific, but it shows the same issue.

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