[Bug 64072] System Crash with Radeon HD 3670

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--- Comment #15 from Mathieu Tournier <mathieutournier at gmail.com> ---
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> (In reply to comment #9)
> > I doubt its hyperz related, comments seems to say that it happens during
> > boot at which point there is no real 3D GPU user (unless some distro do
> > crazy thing).
> I was assuming it might happen during automatic login into Unity, or maybe
> the Ubuntu display manager uses GL as well. Maybe Lars or Mathieu can
> clarify at which point of the boot process it happens.
> Also, if you can boot in recovery mode, does the problem occur if you just
> run something like 'X -retro -pogo'?

X -retro command work, I see a grey sreen with a cursor that I can move. If I
add -retro -pogo option, it starts and stops without problem. If I run X or
startx or lightdm, black screen and GPU lockup is noticed

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