[Bug 52952] Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS 32-bit and ATI Technologies Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel (RC410) ACPI S3 State Resume Failure

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Hi Dant,

Since no Linux device driver developers that I know of fix the bugs I report, I
kinda gave up on uploading reports to get them to fix.
That being said, based on my memory, this is what happens.

- This ACPI S3 State bug appears to be related to ATI Technologies Radeon
Xpress 200, and affects both AMD and Intel editions

- This bug can be worked around by using a PCI Express graphics card instead
(assuming that the particular graphics chip doesn't have any issues with ACPI
S3 State resume)

- See Comment #12 that this bug seems to impact Award/Pheonix BIOS-based

- The Comment #12 implies that AMI BIOS is probably configuring the Radeon
Xpress 200 differently than Award/Pheonix BIOS during POST, hence, the graphics
device driver "happened" to work okay with AMI BIOS, but there probably is a
bug in the way the graphics device driver is written

- All known systems that have this bug have Award/Pheonix BIOS (Intel
mainboard, HP Pavilion PC (I forgot the model.), and emachines PC (after
flashing the BIOS via flashrom software), if I remember it correctly

- The fact that Linux 3.9 kernel still has this bug means that the code for
Radeon Xpress 200 hasn't really been updated to fix this embarrassing bug

I have at least 3 different ATI Technologies Radeon Xpress 200-based mainboards
in my apartment for testing purposes if anyone is willing to fix the bug.



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