[Bug 65964] video in inactive window overlaps active window - Radeon 7870, Gallium, Glamor

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Thu Jul 11 10:08:36 PDT 2013


--- Comment #10 from Damian Nowak <nowaker at geozone.pl> ---
> I was rather thinking of the configuration of the desktop environment and
> apps.

My KDE is quite tuned I'd say. I will try running Openbox or similar. [1]

> At least for the IntelliJ problem, please explain in detail the steps you took
> to create the problem shown on the attached screenshot.

Any "popup" window that appears *may* be overlapped by the main window. It can
be a rename refactoring (Shift+F6), evaluate expression (Alt+F8 during debug)
or inspection menu (Alt+Enter on highlighted code). Since this happens randomly
I can't provide any explicit steps. But it happens constantly during the work.

[1] I won't be able to do it know. My 7870 burned two weeks ago and I'm now
waiting for a new one.

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