[Bug 36438] ATI card fan is always on with opensource radeon driver

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--- Comment #27 from MirceaKitsune <sonichedgehog_hyperblast00 at yahoo.com> ---
I didn't get to test the Radeon driver much (stuck with fglrx due to an issue)
but one of the things that bothered me is the lack of a properly adjusted fan
speed. I fully support a dynamic system of adjustment.

At least with 7.0.0, the fan speed is constantly slow with the "low" profile
and constantly fast with the "high" profile. Regardless of what the card is
doing, how much it's heated, or how hard it's working.

My suggestion is to adjust fan speed (within a minimum and maximum range)
either based on GPU / VRAM frequencies or based on card temperature when a temp
sensor is available. This would be most useful with the dynpm method, so fan
speed is only set to maximum when you play a game and matches the requirement.

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