[Bug 59703] radeonsi & glamor: No acceleration

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--- Comment #16 from Ralf-Peter Rohbeck <RalfPeter.Rohbeck at quantum.com> ---
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> > KDE decorations don't look quite right (default theme, XRender or OpenGL.)
> I can't seem to reproduce this.
> Did you change any decoration options from the default?
I haven't looked into this any deeper yet, but an observation:
I just used NX (nomachine debian packages) to log into a box running bog
standard Debian wheezy (amd64/KDE) and I saw the white vertical lines in
konsole window titles too so it seems that it's just the gradient that doesn't
come out right.
I confirmed that by running konsole locally and resizing it: The pattern of
stripes changes with the width of the title bar. The effect is best seen with a
black background.

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