[Bug 58894] Radeon HD 7690M XT only shows 1280x1024, not able to get 1920x1080

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--- Comment #13 from Benny Ammitzbøll <benny at ammitzboell-consult.dk> ---
Ok, I can get the radeon up and running on the LCD in 1920x1080 using
vga-switcheroo, but things are a bit weird. When I boot the machine, the screen
goes blank when xdm (KDE) starts. If I then connect an external monitor using
HDMI and press ctrl+alt+f1  can get a console on the external monitor where I
can issue a "hprofile graphics.radeon" and switch to using radeon - LCD screen
is running and I can get KDE up as well.

But I get a number of crashes reported in /var/log/messages when KDE starts and
also when I connect/disconnect the HDMI conection to the external monitor - see
attached /var/log/messages.

I would like to just boot up and get radeon + KDE without all that of course.
I've tried adding the "hprofile graphics.radeon" to the /etc/init.d/xdm script
(removing the start/stop of xdm from the hprofile graphics scripts), but this
is not really working - still have to fiddle with an external monitor to get a

Any ideas?

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