[Bug 60180] R200 segfault at startx

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Mon Feb 4 08:52:10 PST 2013


--- Comment #10 from jc.gervais at videotron.ca ---
The problem is that xorg-server 1.12.1 (which worked) has been removed from
portage (gentoo's software catalog) so I can't go back to it anymore.

I updated the system, skipping xorg-server but some updated librairies caused
breakage and revdep-rebuild (gentoo's reverse dependancy breakage-resolver
tool) detected and fixed a break by updating xorg-server.

So any version > xorg-server 1.12.1 has this same problem.

There was an issue on x86 and amd64; when upgrading from xorg-server 1.12.1,
GDM would break because of (missing) old accessibility features but this
doesn't appear to be the case here.

What other info can I provide?

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