[Bug 72716] SIGBUS in EVERGREENUploadToScreen after hibernation (Linux 3.12.4-tuxonice)

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Mon Dec 23 13:48:43 PST 2013


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> I'm not quite following what you mean by booting vs. resuming kernel.

I resume by echoing into /sys/power/resume from an initramfs. The kernel which
is in charge before I called the “booting” kernel. When I echo into
/sys/power/resume, my naive understanding is that the old kernel (the one which
save a memory image to swap) is taking over control again (the “resuming”

I suppose that’s not exactly what happens (is the kernel which just booted
really kicked out of existence or does it keep on running and take over the
memory image from the kernel which was suspended ?). But my point was that when
radeon.ko is loaded before the initramfs echoes into /sys/power/resume, the
lookup and the SIGBUS happen, whereas if it is not loaded, everything’s fine.

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