[Bug 60389] AMD a6-5400K Black Edition with igx 7540D artifacts

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Wed Dec 18 13:28:44 PST 2013


--- Comment #75 from stevenvandenbrandenstift at gmail.com ---
the values that are being asked to test are the same on both but following

working patch (fAtalSaint)                      comment 63 patch
rdev->config.cayman.max_gs_threads = 8;               32
rdev->config.cayman.max_stack_entries = 128;          512
rdev->config.cayman.sx_num_of_sets = 2;               8
rdev->config.cayman.sx_max_export_size = 64;          256
rdev->config.cayman.sx_max_export_pos_size = 16;      64
rdev->config.cayman.sx_max_export_smx_size = 48;      192

Could i be correct that because path v1 include the same testing values as the
FatalSaint patch , the issue lays with one of the upper value, or could it be
that there is another working solution without adjusting the values above?

anyway i will test version 2 now

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