[Bug 63900] Position of second monitor wrong in dual monitor setup if first monitor is 1366x768

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Sat Dec 14 09:42:00 PST 2013


--- Comment #11 from Dave Gilbert <freedesktop at treblig.org> ---
  As per your comment #8 about it only being a problem when the 1920 is on the
right of the 1366 monitor - this makes sense....

  What happens is that something doesn't expect offsets that aren't multiples
of 8.

When you have the   1920-1366  you end up with the 1920 starting at X=0, and
the 1366 starting at X=1920 (which is divisible by 8) - so everything is happy.

When you have the 1366-1920 setup you end up with the 1366 starting at X=0, and
the 1920 starting at X=1366 and having a display not aligned to /8 value gets
the thing confused.

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