[Bug 72167] radeonsi/KMS: Displayport mode detected incorrectly

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> (In reply to comment #4)
> > Do they work properly if you connect via DP directly?  From the log it looks
> > like the driver is still driving them as DP rather than DVI.
> They are DVI only so I can't connect them to the DP outputs directly, but
> they work correctly when I plug them into the DVI output.

What's strange is that the monitor seems to present itself as DP, even over
DVI.  The driver is able to get DPCD from the monitor and is able to
communitcate with it over aux.  The only thing that doesn't seem to be wired up
is the EDID.You might check and see if they have any configuration options in
the menus.  For DP ports, the driver attempts to talk DP to the monitor and if
that fails, it tries DVI/HDMI.  Unfortunately, your monitor responds via DP so
the driver never tries DVI.  It seems like a hw issue with the monitors.

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