[Bug 19215] cursor corruption when moving over vertical 'strips' of the screen

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Sun Aug 11 08:48:44 PDT 2013


--- Comment #37 from Roman Šmakal <schmakerisko at gmail.com> ---
I have type 3 and Single Pixel (vertical and vertical + horizontal .. ill say
128x128 px area) type corruptions when playing Heroes of Newerth. There is no
way to reproduce it easily, but its quite often issue. It happens when you
scroll the map on edge of the screen (for some reason i think it happens only
at corners).

GPU is AMD Sumo on 3870K APU. It happens for quite longer time. Im using Linux
3.11 with DPM enabled (but that does not matter as it happened on older kernels
as well) and git mesa from ubuntu PPA.

Feel free to ask for more informations.

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