[Bug 63617] ati driver: modesetting not supported

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Sat Apr 27 09:45:46 PDT 2013


--- Comment #10 from Jerome Glisse <glisse at freedesktop.org> ---
YOu need to enable KMS, KMS is a kernel feature so nothing you do in userspace
matter until you get kernel part right.

The dmesg you posted is with 3.2, it's a rather old kernel, also there is no
mention to radeon kernel module so it seems your kernel build does not have
either radeon or kms enabled.

You need to update to a newer kernel with kms enabled, it's the only way you
can use the radeon driver with xserver 1.14

If you don't want to upgrade kernel then you can't use xserver 1.14 with
anything else than vesa for this GPU (unless you write code yourself).

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