Radeon HD 6620G

James Cobban webmaster at Jamescobban.net
Thu Apr 25 13:04:18 PDT 2013

I am still looking for a working driver for the Radeon HD 6620G. The AMD 
driver is extremely limited and fails randomly, and the Xorg driver 
consistently does not turn the backlight on for my LCD screen on 
resume.  The ability to suspend and resume is absolutely critical on a 

As I have said I would be happy with the current Xorg driver if only 
there were some way to manually turn on the backlight.  I am told that 
there is no manual way to do so, although this strikes me as purism 
getting in the way of practicality, so I need to wait for some action on 
the Xorg driver being enhanced to support the Radeon HD 6620G.  As 
requested I posted Bug 61470, but there has been no action on that bug 
since I supplied the requested logs.

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