[Bug 52952] Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS 32-bit and ATI Technologies Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel (RC410) ACPI S3 State Resume Failure

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--- Comment #14 from Alex Deucher <agd5f at yahoo.com> ---
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> Hi Alex,
> I recently obtained emachines C6207 desktop PC by accident.
> Interestingly, I noticed that the mainboard inside has ATI Technologies
> Radeon Xpress 200 (RS480 + SB400).
> The mainboard inside is MSI R480M (MS-7145).
> When I tested the ACPI S3 State resume with the original BIOS (AMI BIOS that
> shows emachines 'e' logo during POST. The BIOS version displayed is Version
> 1.05.) of the mainboard, to my surprise, ACPI S3 State resume worked
> correctly.
> However, if I flashed MSI R480M mainboard with the BIOS image from MSI
> (R480M BIOS Version 1.50, Award BIOS), the mainboard will not resume from
> ACPI S3 State.
> Note that RS480 is 130nm process version of Radeon Xpress 200 and RS482 is
> 110nm process shrink version of the same chip with supposedly exact same
> functionality.
> I used flashrom (http://www.flashrom.org) to go from AMI to Award.
> I kept the original BIOS image of the mainboard so I can go back to the
> original image for testing purposes.

Sounds like it may be a bios bug.  Does the change I suggested help?

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