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--- Comment #74 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2012-09-08 00:14:13 UTC ---
It was such a PITA to get X just start without getting a kernel panick that I
never tried to update the box. My box is now almost stable. I really said
*almost*. Still have random freeses.

The bug is not due or related to Radeon; I used to have the issue with X 1.5,
when I had not any Radeon hardware installed, or driver compiled.

And I have no reasons to even try to update my software by now. I am waiting
for Xinerama to support Xrandr since 2003; I at last have my Xinerama box the
way I need it; the next step is to gain Xrandr. As long as there is no official
announcement for Xinerama+Xrandr, and my box is almost stable, any update
attempt would higly probably make the box less stable and less usable.

I reported the bug just when 1.9 came out.

The issue is that you don't fix the bug: you make a new release without fixing
existing bugs; new releases may, or may not have bugs, depending on if the dev
alter or not the code. Making a release when there are known bugs is just
pointless; or renders bug-reporting completely useless.

I will update X when you will tell me "I have read your report, and found the
bogous line, and I fixed it". Otherwise, just randomly ask me to check if a new
version still have the bug is pointless: if no dev have read my bug, they can't
have fixed the bug; so, if no dev came to tell the bug was fixed ... then, the
bug is still in.

A part of the bug I complain in here, that I have encontoured with 1.9 was
already in 1.5; I had reported it previously; it was not fixed, and as I just
said ... as no dev tried to fix it in 1.5, the bug propagated to 1.9. 

But just waiting a few years won't change anything. The bug will be fixed only
when a dev will try to fix it. No mistery.

And one last time: my bug is not Radeon specific. It can happen in a radeon
conf, but can also happen in a 100% radeon free (hard+soft) conf. I already had
the bug in my previous desktop which was 100% different hard, and 99% different
soft. If you search for my bugs in Gentoo, you will find that I asked to keep
Xorg 1.6 to not be stabilised because it was completely bugged. When X 1.6
stabilisation was a hot topic, I was completely opposed; when it became stable,
I asked for immediate removal from stable tree (then I blocked it, and stuck to
1.5). When I bought a new computer, I could not block to 1.5, because 1.5 was
not in tree anymore; so I had to do with 1.8; 1.8 NEVER worked for me; I had a
lucky day with 1.9, and never touched anything since that day (mid july 2010).
Will never update any thing untill I buy a new computer; this won't happen
before 2015; my actual desktop works fine; no reason to mess it.

... unless an official news tells about Xinerama+Xrandr; in this case, I would
make a complete backup of my system, and try to update.

X is soo unstable, I won't take any risk now. It's soo fragile (switch XEN on
in BIOS or Linux; swap two video cards on bus; activate the wrong option in the
BIOS, update or downgrade any video driver, install the wrong udev version,
start application FOO with BAR env var declared, start a second server, try to
play with FrameBuffer boot options, unplug a VGA plug ... any single tiny
change at any level can make X crash, freese, or refuse to start, or induce a
KP). And of course, it will silently ignore the conf file provided, and will
never give any kind of error message (I even tried to get dmesg on a physical
serial port: pointless). Now that I got something that works, I won't touch it
before 2015.

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