[Bug 54484] Thinkpad E525: LVDS und VGA do not turn back on after suspend/resume

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Detailed traces of the E525 over suspend/resume in two different scenarios.

The kernel was patched to provide additional information regarding DCE4 state
and atombios calls.

For the two scenarios, the following information was collected:

- kernel.log: contains kernel log, including trace markers about the atombios
functions called, and their parameters
- before-suspend.dce4: output of "radeontool regs dce4" before entering suspend
- during-suspend.dce4: in-kernel grab of the DCE4 register state just before
call to radeon_pm_suspend
- during-resume.dce4: in-kernel grab of the DCE4 register state just after call
to radeon_pm_resume
- after-suspend.dce4: output of "radeontool regs dce4" after resuming and
returning to X (with either both displays black, or only VGA in working

directory "lvds-fb-vga-fb": both lvds and vga driven by kms fb driver

directory "lvds-fb-vga-x": only lvds driven by kms fb driver; vga only active
during X

Unfortunately, the DCE4 register states do not tell me anything without at
least register names. If any further state dumps, experiments or traces are
helpful just let me know.

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