Bug#682099: xserver-xorg-video-ati: EXAPixmaps=On screen tearing at high resolution under certain configurations

James Robertson j at mesrobertson.com
Fri Oct 26 03:16:16 PDT 2012

> Can you try a newer kernel?  3.6 or 3.7?  That may help with the
> modesettings.  As for the acceleration, corruption, you might try a
> newer version of mesa.

I cheated a little and tried the latest aptosid kernel
linux-image-aptosid-amd64_3.6-12_amd64  - same screen corruption

I followed some documentation and started to compile and install the
latest mesa on Sid...  I gave up after a few hours and as a test
installed Arch as it has a new Kernel 3.6.3-1 and the latest Mesa
9.0-1 - Still had screen corruption issues.

Bad for a Debian bug report, sorry about that but I was getting a bit

I can't help but think it's something to do with the monitors.  I
mean, why would a different model monitor (Benq) that has native
1920x1080 work fine when used paired with one of my AOC's?  But using
the 2 identical model AOC's causes the problem?

I am going to try fglrx on Arch for a test.

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