Bug#682099: xserver-xorg-video-ati: EXAPixmaps=On screen tearing at high resolution under certain configurations

James Robertson j at mesrobertson.com
Wed Oct 24 02:41:56 PDT 2012

> The only other option I was going to try was using a Display port to
> DVI adapter from the side of my laptop to replace the VGA from the
> docking station.  If I purchase one to  try that I'll let you know.

I bought a an Active display port adapter for my laptop.  That won't
even work with resolutions above 1280x1024 under Debian (works fine up
to native 1980x1080 res on Windows 7).

I wanted to use one of my monitors in portrait mode but the the
rotation would not work if I had Option "NoAccel" "true".  Of course
disabling it meant I get the hideous screen corruption.

All of this works fine on Windows 7 with DVI/VGA or Display Port so at
least I can confirm it's not a hardware limitation.

I am quite bummed to have this problem.  Can anyone suggest ways in
which I can troubleshoot/resolve it?


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