[Bug 54273] kms blackscreen ATI RV620 FirePro 2260, res: 2560*1600

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--- Comment #26 from Chris Dow <christopher.dow at allstardirectories.com> ---
Sorry, I should have been clearer.  I was trying to verify that we do in fact
have the same issue.  

You had mentioned previously that you were able to get the display to work for
certain resolutions but not others.  I get a blank screen for display modes
that have a lower refresh rate (usually around 60Hz).  However, if I use a
display mode that has a higher refresh rate (say around 75Hz) I don't get a
blank screen.  Is this the case for you?  Are all of the modes that you can get
to work using a higher refresh rate than your native resolution?

If this is the case then I believe the cause of the issue is monitor refresh
rate is actually being set to a lower value than it should be.  For instance if
I use a display mode that has a 75Hz refresh rate then my monitor reports that
it is actually getting a refresh rate of 56Hz.

Currently I am working around this by create a new mode that is my monitor's
native resolution but has the refresh rate higher than it should be (75Hz
rather than 60Hz).

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