[Bug 28106] radeon KMS causes hardware conflict/interference with Intel wifi and audio, crashes wireless

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--- Comment #71 from Jan Kouba <kouba.honza at gmail.com> ---

I have been able to get around this bug on IBM T60/x1400 running Kubuntu 12.04,
by using kwin_gles desktop manager instead of the default one (kwin). 

I had problems with sound slowing down and being very choppy when desktop
effects were enabled, or when playing full-screen flash videos. I did not
notice any problems with wifi. With kwin_gles I have absolutely no sound issues
with desktop effects enabled.

How to change the window manager see: 

I'm not X expert, so please take the following lines as my humble opinion. I
belive, that the workaround is caused by the fact, that kwin_gles uses EGL for
rendering, while kwin uses GLX. So maybe this bug can be avoided on other
distros and window managers by setting them to use EGL instead of GLX.

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