[Bug 55784] [Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32-bit] Unity GUI will hang during bootup with ATI Technologies Radeon X600 (RV380) and VIA Technologies PT880 Ultra chipset

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> In addition to my suggestions in the previous comment, if this is a
> regression, you can also try and bisect using git to track down what caused
> the regression.

Hi Alex,

I am now preparing a hard drive to perform regression tests.
I got a 80 GB PATA hard drive, and I am planning to create 4 partitions, 2 for
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS 32-bit and 2 for Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32-bit.
1 partition for each is for stock Ubuntu installation (kernel updates only
through Update Manager) and the other one is for Ubuntu with modified Linux
kernel for the regression tests.
The modified Linux kernels will be obtained through,


        Regarding XFX Radeon HD 5450 PCIe graphics card and ASUS P5VD1-X
mainboard, everything, including ACPI S3 State resume, works fine on Ubuntu
10.04.4 LTS 32-bit despite PCIe running at x4 mode.
I was able to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32-bit with this same graphics card,
and during the installation, the graphics rendering was absolutely fine, but if
I choose "Run Ubuntu without installing" option (it is worded like that), then
Ubuntu get stuck (hang) after it displays the Ubuntu desktop's wallpaper.
The same happens when I boot from the hard drive as well.
I will do more detailed tests with several different ATI Technologies/AMD PCIe
graphics cards soon.
        Although I have not done detailed tests with it, but SiS chipset with
PCI Express seems to exhibit the exact same problem I saw with VIA Technologies
I have a mainboard called ECS 761GX-M754 mainboard (SiS 761GX/964 chispet), and
if I use it with the same XFX Radeon HD 5450 PCIe graphics card on Ubuntu 12.04
LTS 32-bit, it will also get stuck after displaying the Ubuntu desktop's
I will probably use the same hard drive mentioned above to do the test later,
but I will like to let you know about the situation.



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