Bug#672972: Broken Xvideo extension on Radeon HD 4200

Michel Dänzer daenzer at debian.org
Thu Nov 22 01:10:45 PST 2012

On Mit, 2012-11-21 at 11:36 -0800, T Elcor wrote: 
> > It should be evident, but you need to run xvinfo, glxinfo and xdpyinfo
> > from within the X session.
> Just going through my old bugs... I've enclosed xvinfo.txt and
> xdpyinfo.txt, perhaps that will help.
> I'm still using VLC in the same fashion I did before, that is, by
> setting "Video Settings" | Output to "X11 Video Output (XCB). If the
> output is set to Default, VLC hangs.


> X-Video Extension version 2.2
> screen #0
> no adaptors present

This should be clear enough for VLC to know it can't use XVideo.

It should be useful to determine which output VLC does end up actually
using, and where it hangs...

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