[Bug 56931] Using xbmc disconnects screen

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--- Comment #11 from Tomi Pieviläinen <tomi.pievilainen+freedesktop at iki.fi> ---
 steps to take, so hints are appreciated.
> Ah, ok, that's the problem.  Try putting the nvidia card into another slot. 
> Some of the APU display lanes are shared with pcie lanes so you can only use
> one or the other.  On your board it looks like the DP connector is using the
> shared lanes.  The bios should disable the connectors served by those lanes
> when a pcie card is present, but it looks like your board is not disabling
> them properly.  You might try a newer bios revision if one is available, or
> moving the discrete card to another slot, or checking to see if there are
> any special bios options regarding the pcie slot and display lanes.

That is correct, using the first PCIeX16 slot disables the DP output
completely (unless forced to use the APU output in EFI configuration,
then naturally disabling the discrete card).

But that is not what's happening here: the discrete card is in the
second PCIeX16 slot that doesn't (according to manual) conflict with
the APU and the DP display does work until "something" happens.
Browsing through menus in xbmc is a sure way to reproduce the problem,
but it does manifest in normal desktop use too.

Oh, and the obligatory "it worked on Windows", so I doubt it's a hardware
problem ;).

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