[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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> Since this bug was reported over a year ago and no real progress has been made
> in fixing it, may I ask a knowledgeable person what the last working version of
> the code was, before this bug was introduced? Is there any way to create a
> "radeon-unsupported" module for those of us who have chipsets X.org doesn't
> plan to support with their newer versions?

The simple answer is that (afaik) this particular hardware set of hardware has
had trouble since kernel mode-setting was introduce. There is not going to be a
git bisect-able place where the problem started happening.


I do have a question for devs... I have been all over the initialization code
and I cannot find a place where the sideport RAM is treated as distinct from
the UMA "vram".  Is this stuff set up by the atombios? Is there a way to see
what hardware addresses ranges are assigned? Is there a way to fix the GART
(table) if the bios is setting up overlapping or otherwise broken addresses for
GTT, UMA and sideport vram?

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