ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER content revision and RADEONGetATOMConnectorInfoFromBIOSObject

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Tue Mar 27 06:24:33 PDT 2012

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 8:29 PM, Sebastian D´Alessandro
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> Hello,
> In atombios.h I see ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER and ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER_V3 declared, ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER_V3 has an extra member, usMiscObjectTableOffset, but in the rest they are identical.
> In radeon_atombios.c, function: RADEONGetATOMConnectorInfoFromBIOSObject; someone considered that if content revision is lesser than 2 the function should fail, but usMiscObjectTableOffset is not used there.
> Is ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER_V2 missing? Has ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER more members than it should? Or "if (crev < 2) return FALSE;" should be removed from RADEONGetATOMConnectorInfoFromBIOSObject?

The code is correct as is.  Version 1.2 was the first version of the
of the table that was actually used in production and it uses
ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER.  Older versions of the table were never used.
Version 1.3 uses ATOM_OBJECT_HEADER_V3, but the misc object table
isn't used so it doesn't matter which version of the struct you use in
the driver.


> I also asked this question in AMD developer central,
> Thanks.
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