Suspend/Resumes fails early with r600(RV710) in "unpin not necessary"

Michel Dänzer michel at
Mon Mar 26 03:07:32 PDT 2012

On Sam, 2012-03-24 at 23:53 +0100, Manuel Krause wrote: 
> So, I'm left with some questions now:
> - Why does hibernation only work with PCIE forced mode?

Things are pointing towards a problem in the AGP bridge driver /

> - If I don't see performance regressions in PCIE forced mode,
>     is the AGP mode coded to max. performance at all?
>     (As I thought until now, AGP offered higher transfer rates
>     than 33MHz PCI ?!)

It does, but the transfer rate tends not to matter that much in general.

> - Are there "hidden brakes" inside the kernel, that disallow
>     AGP 4x, FW and SBA in combination of my chipset with
>     this ATI HD4350 card from HIS ? Can I unlock them manually?

KMS always disables FW because it caused too much trouble for too little
gain. You can try enabling it in
drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_agp.c:radeon_agp_init(). Not sure about

> - Are there "tunables" of that PCIE forced mode?

None that I know of.

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