[Bug 26916] Current xf86-video-ati lacks size and position controls for the TV-out

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Sun Mar 11 04:35:24 PDT 2012


--- Comment #5 from Da Fox <da_fox at mad.scientist.com> 2012-03-11 04:35:24 PDT ---
Airlied kindly took a moment to craft a patch
which I've now tested.

I've applied the patch to both kernel 3.2.5 and 3.2.9 (there were some warnings
about hunk/offsets in both cases), with identical results:

The controls show up in the output of 'xrandr --props':
S-video connected 800x600+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x
    tv vertical position: 0 (0x00000000)    range:  (-5,5)
    tv horizontal position: 5 (0x00000005)    range:  (-5,5)
    tv horizontal size: 0 (0x00000000)    range:  (-5,5)
    tv standard:    pal
        supported: ntsc         pal          pal-m        pal-60      
                   ntsc-j       scart-pal    pal-cn       secam       
    load detection: 1 (0x00000001)    range:  (0,1)
   800x600        59.9*+

However they do not (yet?) appear (fully) functional. That is although it is
possible to modify the values (and see these modifications show up in the
output, as evidenced by the 'tv horizontal position' in the about snippet of
output having value '5'), they don't appear to have any real effect on the
output as of yet. Even though the output on the television does briefly 'blink'
as if something was changed, the image stays in the same position on screen.

I've tried to debug this a little bit, and it seems to me as if
radeon_connector_set_property does not get called for these properties. I can
see it get called for 'tv standard', but not for 'tv horizontal position'. I
have not (yet) been able to identify what might cause this.

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