[Bug 21279] X fails when DynamicPM or ForceLowPowerMode is on.

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Thu Mar 8 08:51:09 PST 2012


--- Comment #13 from Alex Deucher <agd5f at yahoo.com> 2012-03-08 08:51:09 PST ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> X does work when KMS is used, however KMS itself does not work. there are no
> power management related entries in /sys/class/drm/card0/device/, and powertop
> still reports ~25W of battery usage (suggesting the card is not being managed).

Most likely the apple vbios does not provide power tables (this is probably
also why UMS options like DynamicPM don't work).  Attach a copy of your vbios
and I can take a look.  There's not much you can besides hacking the driver to
manually change the clocks.

(as root)
(use lspci to get the bus id)
cd /sys/bus/pci/devices/<pci bus id>
echo 1 > rom
cat rom > /tmp/vbios.rom
echo 0 > rom

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