HDMI hotplug enable?

Greg G. dargllun at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 12 23:20:57 PDT 2012


[Part of this was already discussed in the thread 'OpenGL video
performance' but I think this issue warrants a fresh discussion.]

While researching why Alsa has issues processing the AES0 parameter to
toggle digital audio pass-through, I realized that for being able to do
so Alsa seems to need that mysterious /proc/asound/card*/eld#* file -
which I don't have. Further research indicated that for that to work I
might need working HDMI hot plug - which doesn't seem to be the case.
Specifically, I would expect to find messages like this one in my kernel

HDMI status: Codec=0 Pin=3 Presence_Detect=1 ELD_Valid=1

But I don't see any of this, neither when turning my AVR off and on or
when I physically plug/unplug the HDMI cable.

Note that I have "drm_kms_helper poll=Y", so I do get the udev hotplug.
But I really would like to have the "real" thing and get rid of poll=Y.

I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 with GA-MA78GM-UD2H mainboard which has a RS780
(HD3200) chipset. Here is a current dmesg output:


Anything I can try? Or is this already proof enough that the MB
manufacturer has forgotten to wire up some magic hot plug pin?


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