[Bug 45334] Dual screen not work on SUMO gpu

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Fri Jun 8 07:50:43 PDT 2012


--- Comment #27 from BRULE Herman <alpha_one_x86 at first-world.info> 2012-06-08 07:50:43 PDT ---
I have try all of that's. In all case, I'm not able to start the second screen.
I have the same resolution with my hd 5450 or with my sumo gpu: Full HD

In single screen DVI and HDMI work. Under the bios (EFI) + grub, the both
screen is on.

The problem is when the both screen is connect, under linux all show the DVI
screen as on, but in reality is off.

I have try lot of combinaison to start up the screen (DVI first alone, both
after -> HDMI is start-up, the DVI is shutdown)

The kernel config:
CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="radeon/CEDAR_me.bin radeon/CEDAR_pfp.bin
radeon/CEDAR_rlc.bin radeon/REDWOOD_me.bin radeon/REDWOOD_pfp.bin
radeon/REDWOOD_rlc.bin radeon/SUMO_me.bin radeon/SUMO_pfp.bin
radeon/SUMO_rlc.bin radeon/SUMO2_me.bin radeon/SUMO2_pfp.bin
radeon/REDWOOD_me.bin radeon/REDWOOD_pfp.bin radeon/REDWOOD_rlc.bin"

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