[Bug 45379] Auxiliary (not init'd as part of boot console) boards don't work

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Mon Jan 30 07:29:20 PST 2012


--- Comment #10 from eclectic923 at yahoo.com 2012-01-30 07:29:20 PST ---
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> Please attach your dmesg output.  Does X work ok on each card individually?

The hardware is all working and by disabling kms, and indeicated comment #4. If
I had to guess at the source of the bug, it has something to do with sharing
file descriptors between two video outputs (VGA-N and DVI-N), and that the
board(s) are 32M each (Appian Hurricane), of which the logs show 23.5M being
used. Basically the KMS turnoff for low memory boards fails to get triggered,
and has to be done manually through the xorg.conf. Not a good thing. If it
wasn't for Triskelios' suggestion in #xorg, I'd have never gotten this up and

I have no idean why being the BIOS/Linux boot console protects the board from
the KMS problem. Maybe this is simply a misleading fact.

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