[Bug 37679] [RS690M] No 3d acceleration in Radeon X1200 with the new Gallium r300 / 3d drivers

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Tue Feb 28 19:22:17 PST 2012


--- Comment #98 from Aaron <tda7000 at xtra.co.nz> 2012-02-28 19:22:17 PST ---
I have this problem with my Radeon 9600XT

I had this problem on an install of Ubuntu Natty and so far the only thing I
can confirm with repeatability is that 3D works when the S-video output is
'detected' and doesn't work when it isn't.

If I boot into Windows XP (dual boot) and enable the TV-Out on S-Video (even
without a TV plugged in) and then reboot into Ubuntu Natty I get a 2nd screen
on S-video showing up in the displays control panel and I get 3D acceleration
to work.

I installed a test copy of Ubuntu Oneiric onto a USB HDD and so far haven't had
issues with 3D.

HOWEVER: I recently did an upgrade to Oneiric inside the currently-installed
Natty and the 3D issue is still present, so perhaps that is from something
still there from the old installation?

Again, enabling S-video in Windows and rebooting is the only sure way to make
3D work.

Occasionally it will boot up and detect the S-video and enable 3D by itself but
this is not often.

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