[PATCH/RFC v2 0/10] Re: avivotool: error out unless there is exactly one control and fb region

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:13:26 PST 2012

2012/2/25 Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder at gmail.com>:
> Alex Deucher wrote:
>> region 0 is always the frame buffer and region 2 is always mmio.
>> radeontool and avivotool should be cleaned up the same way radeonreg
>> is.
> Thanks, makes perfect sense.  Here's a reroll that does that.
> The motivation is still patches 7 (libpciaccess API churn) and 10
> (unfriendly behavior when run as non-root).  The rest of the patches
> are cleanups or small potential improvements noticed in the process of
> writing those two.
> Still untested, since my radeon is still temporarily out of
> commission.  Compiles at least. :)

Seems to work on my RV620. I can still read and write regs, values look alright.


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