[Bug 46653] Doom3 low framerate at certain locations in game with Radeon driver

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Mon Feb 27 07:45:29 PST 2012


--- Comment #7 from Andy Furniss <lists at andyfurniss.entadsl.com> 2012-02-27 07:45:29 PST ---
> I don't think that is what's happening, because the change in frame
> rate is normally quite distinctive in cases where that is happening. On my 60Hz
> monitor it normally jumps between 60 FPS and 30 FPS, but the framerate in doom3
> is all over the place. I've had the same effect with settings I've been unable
> to reproduce of 10-20 FPS in that spot, and as mentioned above with framerates
> of 40-50 FPS in that spot. Also I've made sure that vsunc is turned off in the
> game for all my testing.

Turning off vsync in game didn't work in a test I just did with vblank_mode=2 -
but I can't remember what the default is - you should be able to see if you are
tearing or not.  

I only have the demo and different hardware to you (4890), but the fps counter
on doom 3 has always been all over the place for me with vsync disabled. I
think it's just the way the counter + game works.

The game by default will cap at around 60fps and like etqw I suspect if it
knows it can't render a frame in the next refresh it won't try whether vsync is
enabled or not.

You can turn this off in console with 


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