[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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I am a long-time sufferer of this problem.
I have the Gateway LT3103u, which is 

I have not yet applied Alex's patch, but I recently tried playing with the
gartsize and vramlimit options.
gartsize seems to have no effect.
However, setting the vramlimit to 64 seems (2 reboots later) to clear up the
vramlimit of 128, 256, and 0 (0 is ignored) each result in corruption

The card normally reports 384 MB of vram and 512 MB of gtt memory.

Is it possible this computer is misreporting the amount of sideport ram? I read
someplace that th x1270 can only have up to 128, but that there is some
"Hypermemory" mumbo jumbo going on that adds some of your system ram to the

Unfortunately, the Gateway LT3103u has a terrible bios config. you can't change
anything, and you can't see much of anything either.

So, for the record: adding "radeon.vramlimit=64" to the kernel parameters in
grub seems to alleviate the problem.

I'm running gentoo amd64, kernel 3.2.6-gentoo and git mesa

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