[PATCH] Fix ConnectorTable crash in radeon_output.c

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 24 03:33:18 PST 2012

On Friday, February 24, 2012 11:58:59 Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Fre, 2012-02-24 at 11:24 +0100, Hans Verkuil wrote: 
> > 
> > I've also tried to get drm to work with this board, but unfortunately the colors
> > have the wrong endianness and I don't really have any idea how to fix that (or
> > even where to look for that matter). For the record, this board has a ATI Radeon
> > Mobility M9.
> The colours are wrong doing what?

The color components are in the wrong endian order (ABGR instead of RGBA). The PPC
is a big endian machine and as far as I could tell the radeon driver actually
detected that correctly, but there is still some 32-bit swap going on somewhere.

When I use the old framebuffer support, then it is working correctly.

I don't have access to the board at the moment, but some pointers would be welcome.
I can try those later.



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