Bug#648222: Significant 2D performance regression with ColorTiling

Tobias Diedrich ranma at tdiedrich.de
Mon Feb 20 17:10:04 PST 2012

Wow, I can only second this.
I've been wondering what part of the last upgrade made my desktop so
glacially slow and finally found that flipping the ColorTiling
option to false makes a big difference.

Everything feels at least an order of magnitude faster now.

With ColorTiling enabled I had problems like:
- Laggy window movements in fluxbox
- Can see the chrome titlebar redraw
- full-screen xterm takes about a second to render when switching desktops
  (In 2560x1440)

With ColorTiling disabled everything is back to normal:
- Window movement can always keep up with my mouse
- No more annoying chrome titlebar flicker
- xterm redraws in a split-second

To illustrate this:

ColorTiling enabled
Moving a window in fluxbox: http://youtu.be/e__5dKZobxA
xterm redraw/scroll speed: http://youtu.be/zx7K5213R7o

ColorTiling disabled
Moving a window in fluxbox:http://youtu.be/FSiQ34OHDbA
xterm redraw/scroll speed: http://youtu.be/li9CTseCUqU


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