[Bug 45334] Dual screen not work on SUMO gpu

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Sat Feb 11 08:42:00 PST 2012


--- Comment #5 from andros at all-ein.net 2012-02-11 08:42:00 PST ---
I can confirm this on a Dell vostro 3555 Notebook with A8-3500M 
VGA-0 will be detected if plugged in by kde control center, but no output signal goes out.

3.2.1-gentoo-r2 #1 SMP Sat Feb 11 02:18:34 CET 2012 x86_64 AMD A8-3500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
mesa 7.11.2 
xf86-video-ati 6.14.3
xorg-server 1.11.2-r2
libdrm 2.4.27

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