[Bug 28106] radeon KMS causes hardware conflict/interference with Intel wifi and audio, crashes wireless

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Tue Apr 24 01:54:27 PDT 2012


--- Comment #70 from kolinmurray at gmail.com 2012-04-24 01:54:27 PDT ---

Apologies if this is not strictly on topic regarding fixing this bug - what I'm
curious to know is what the 'best case' workaround all of you are using to
avoid this problem? I'm open to absolutely any distribution, desktop
environment, etc. Just wondering what the best alternative many of you have
found to avoid the conflict and maintain the most functionality.

My best case options so far: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS where I don't remember noticing
this problem, or even 12.04 in 2D if I could get my volume control buttons to
work on my Thinkpad t60.

I'm also playing with arch to see if I can build something usable I like.



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