[Bug 49063] Gnome shell freezes when schooling in the firefox or viewing a high resolution picture

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Mon Apr 23 04:03:07 PDT 2012


--- Comment #7 from Keivan <shayanmansuri at yahoo.com> 2012-04-23 04:03:07 PDT ---
> What are the symptoms of the freeze? 

When I scroll in the firefox or some other programs screen freezes. I mean I
can't click on anything, but mouse cursor is visible and moving. There is no
tearing or artifacts on the screen but it remains frozen. One day I was
compiling the kernel when this freeze happened but my compilation job finished
to the end.

I really encourage you to see this link for more info about the symptoms other
people experienced. I've read all of it and I have experienced most them as

> Can you still log into the machine remotely? If yes, can you attach gdb to 
> gnome-shell or the X server and get a backtrace? ...

I can switch to linux shell (I mean alt + ctrl + F1) works. However, I'm not
familiar with gdb. If you give me some basic instructions I would provide you
with the required debugging info.

> xorg.log -> http://pastebin.com/EMpPunjc
> dmesg -> http://pastebin.com/XtdNe65A
> Please attach files here directly.

Ok. I would do that.

> (In reply to comment #5)
> > In the 32 bit version of the kernel, when I build the radeon driver in the
> > kernel binary (I mean when radeon driver is not a module), kernel crashes and
> > do not boot.
> Are you building all the required firmware files into the kernel as well?
> Otherwise the attempt to load them will time out.

yes I am. My config was like this.

I should add that similar config works fine on the 64 bit version of the

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